Finished my Skarlock Thrall

Here i show you my Skarlock Thrall. I hate this sculpt and quality of the model. So i didnt gave him the love he should have received, because its a model which is in nearly every list. Tried to add the runes from the spelldisc tutorial and they fit very nice. Hope you like him!

 Skarlock Thrall

Tutorial: Selfmade tokens for Tabletops or Boardgames


Here i show how you can make cheap but good looking and durable tokens for your faction easily. And you can also update your set everytime as new model for your faction comes out. You just need some Photshop skills or ask me πŸ˜‰ 

What do we need?

  • Circle cutter from ebay or amazon, about 5€ (Yes this tool again πŸ™‚
  • Printed One inch tokens or larger (get them free in the privateerpress forum here)
  • Epoxy 1 inch Stickers from ebay or amazon, about 10€ for 100 pcs


Just cut the printed tokens with the cutter and use the stickers to glue them together. Finished! You might have some scale issues with your printer but thats the only problem here. So you can make easy tokens for each game, like Infinity for example(left tokens on the picture).

Have fun, MindmaZing

Tutorial: how to make a Cryxian Spelldisc

I have found a video on Youtube from General Splatton and tried it with some changes, you can find the video here.

Step 1: What you need


  • The plastic is from a empty water bottle
  • A one inch circle cutter (got mine form ebay)
  • a permanent marker
  • a thin marker
  • waywatcher green glaze from GW
  • Ceramite or White Scar from GW
  • Green Fluo from Vallejo
  • Matt Varnish from Vallejo

Step 2:

Just empty a bottle of water and cut some plastic. Then you simply use the circle cutter and you have a niceΒ  piece of round plastic πŸ™‚

Step 3:


Take of the plug from the permanent marker and draw the inner circle with the thin one,like shown on the picture.

Step 4:


Paint a coat of matt varnish on the front and the backside, but just on the outer ring and let it dry. The glaze will have a much better hold on it.

Step 5:


Paint three coats of Waywatcher Green Glaze on the front of the outer ring and one on the backside of your spelldisc. After that you can wipe off the green marker with a tissue.

Step 6:


Paint Runes from your faction with a white colour. i used some runes from the faction font. You can find it here

After the White runes are dry i have painted over them with some green fluo.

Step 7:

Cut a hole with a knife, like i did on the first picture, so that you can fit the spelldisc onto the hand of your caster, and you should be done!

I hope you find it useful πŸ™‚ greets MiNDmaZing

Deneghra The Soulweaver