Tutorial: Selfmade tokens for Tabletops or Boardgames


Here i show how you can make cheap but good looking and durable tokens for your faction easily. And you can also update your set everytime as new model for your faction comes out. You just need some Photshop skills or ask me 😉 

What do we need?

  • Circle cutter from ebay or amazon, about 5€ (Yes this tool again 🙂
  • Printed One inch tokens or larger (get them free in the privateerpress forum here)
  • Epoxy 1 inch Stickers from ebay or amazon, about 10€ for 100 pcs


Just cut the printed tokens with the cutter and use the stickers to glue them together. Finished! You might have some scale issues with your printer but thats the only problem here. So you can make easy tokens for each game, like Infinity for example(left tokens on the picture).

Have fun, MindmaZing