Tutorial: Part 3 of my Display-Board and Movement-tray

Allright, i got this project finished and i am really happy how it turned out. I took it two times to the gaming club and it was easy to carry, and also the models were stored much faster. At home i took the two boards out of the box and placed them into my showcase. Its not longer needed to touch each model 🙂

Here is the ikea Box called Samla holding 65 Litre (about 8 Euro):


Now you need to measure the inside of the box and buy some wood, screws and brackets to build up the framework which is holding the boards.

brackets are in L-Shape and 2,5cm screws (really cheap at workshops)



I placed my token box and measured the hight of it, to adjust the brackets for the first board. After that i measured my Denny 3 for the hight of the second board. I glued magnets onto the bottom side of each tray so that they stick with the brackets.  I used a handsaw so i couldnt manage to do some straight cuts, but if you have a jigsaw it will look much better. But for know the frame does his job 😉



At the bottom you see enough place for the tokenbox, then the first board with my Denny 3 and then the second board with enough space to the top. If you arent carrying a colossal you can easily store 4 Boards into the box.


Here the frame stored in the box 🙂


I can easily carry two lists to my club without spending to much time to pack them and move them back  into the showcase.


I hope this helps to make one on your own. The whole thing have cost me about 40 Euro with magnets from ebay and some hobby time. And for about 2 Euro you can easily upgrade it with more boards.


I magnetized each models base for a better hold .

If you have questions feel free to ask!


Tutorial Display,Movement Tray Part 2

fourth step:

I started to airbrush 2 layers with steel legion drab and zandri dust from GW.

Fith step:

After this was dry, i started to glue the basing material (sand, gras, cork, stones and some branches as trees). This took some stages. I have left the colossal base circle unbased to drill the holes for the magnets. I used 7x3mm neodymn magnets from ebay.

Sixth step:

I used a coat of vallejo matt varnish over the irontape to avoid scratches. Then i superglued magnets to Deneghras Base and try to fit her.

And here a pic with the full board.

The final stage for tray one will be posted next time.